Resolving 2013 – The lack of an anti-procrastination one means I am still winning!

So I looked at last years goals… totally didn’t do much with them. I think a lot of it was because I was still trying to adjust to a regular work week and a commute that was eating up my day and energy. Well, I have been on a regular work week now for over a year and I just moved and now commute 15 minutes. No more excuses, eh?

So, for 2013:

  • Date more: I need to meet a nice boy. How to do that? Actually lower the defenses and go out with one instead of just hiding from the possibility of rejection. eHarmony was a wash, so I quit them and joined OKCupid. It’s free-er and is apparently not too bad for being that price. We shall see, eh?
  • Read more: It’s good for the mind and I enjoy it. I need to get on it! I am part of a book club, so I think i have at least 5 books already lined up for the year. I also am part of and put a goal of 40 books this year for their reading challenge. I think I have that covered just with my list of books that I want to read, so I should be able to do this.
  • Cook more: Well, not so much more as much as diversify. I am really good at finding three or four recipes and just sticking to them. I think this is the reason I have been so awful about eating out/ordering in. The stuff I make is good, but so over used. I have a goal of making at least three new meals a month. I am hoping to blast that out of the water, but I think it will give me some wiggle room on busy months.
  • Move more: Last year was a bad year for running and biking. I think I biked twice and am now unable to run very far without falling over into a sweaty mess. My weight and clothes have also been an indicator in my lack of movement (also in my increase in prepped food, see above). I am starting off slow again and am going to attack this issue month by month.
  • Clutter less: I have a new apt. It is relatively clutter free and clean. I want to keep it that way. I have an app with chores I have to do in an attempt to keep me on track, but the holidays have thrown me off. Time to get back to it.

I think those are the main overarching goals I have this year. I am also going to set monthly goals, which I will blog here and also put up somewhere in writing (thinking dry erase board) so that I can see them in my face. That is on my list of things to get today when I run errands. Woo! I haven’t figured out my January goals exactly, I have a few rolling in my head, but I will get those sorted this weekend since I am already going to be down a quarter month! Eek!

So, here’s to a happy and productive 2013!

Got any goals you wanna share?

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