January Goals – conquering the year one month at a time!

So, as I mentioned, I was going to set monthly goals. I set the ones for January the next day, I just didn’t get them up here. I have also been cracking away at them since!

Fist, though, a handy display which will stare at me from the fridge… which I can see from the living room. Hooray!

Ready for checkin' and changin'

Ready for checkin’ and changin’

Aaaaannd the goals:

  1. Cook 3 new recipes – part of the yearly goal and I am already at 4 recipes!
  2. Read 3 books – Still on the first…
  3. Finish 4 weeks of C25K – the good thing is that I have five weeks this month! Woo!
  4. Track my foods
  5. Hang shelves, cork board, and clear out the Christmas cards – DONE!
  6. Run 1 complete mile outside – Need to do this. For me. For the world.
  7. Go out – once with the gals and once with a boy! I have Gal plans this week! Hoping to get guy plans soon…
  8. Do the Meatless Monday thing – One down, four to go!
  9. No random purchases – I need to figure out the new budget, so I need to quite with the impulse purchases.

January! IGNITE!!!

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