Review: The Impossible


I wasn’t super interested in seeing this, but the 80% rating on rotten tomatoes convinced me to go ahead and give it a try. The movie is about the tsunami that happened in the Indian Ocean 26 December 2004. Super deadly, super unexpected. The movie is based on the true story of a Spanish family that went through the ordeal. For the movie, they switched it to a Brit family out of Japan. Apparently, this was to make it so that race wasn’t important, but it seems to me by changing it, it makes it about race, but whatevs. Overall, it was a good movie. They did a great job at portraying the chaos that ensued; the scenes where Maria and Lucas were tumbled about in the water were extremely vivid. Kinda surprised I didn’t dream about it.

There were several scenes that were overacted and a couple that were poorly acted which really pulled you out of the movie, which was a shame. There were also a couple scenes were they were trying really hard to set the mood in a scene… so hard that they missed it. Two scenes that really stuck with me in regard to that were on the day of the tsunami, there was a scene from the ocean to the coast as the sun rose… and they played dramatic music. The ocean. It is coming for you! Seriously? I laughed. Again, pulls you out of the movie. The other scene was when Maria and Lucas were rescued and the local man was dragging her through the mud. Previously, they had shown that she actually had a flap of skin hanging from the back of her thigh, so being drug through the mud? Super painful. To portray this, they showed her pained face – extreme close up – for about 90 seconds, switch to the local trying to talk to her – extreme close up – for 90 seconds, and back to Maria were they started muting the sound… again, extreme close up for way too long. Yes, I get it, painful and traumatic. C’mon. Also wasn’t very impressed with the gratuitous shots of happy families at the resort before the tsunami. I know they were trying to set up the whole tragic loss of life thing, but it should have been done in a more subtle way.

With the problems I had with it, I am surprised it scored as high as it did on rotten tomatoes. The story, was good, though, and the chaos extremely disturbing. I am glad that I saw it and I think that it would have lost something on the small screen, so I am also happy that I saw it on the big screen.

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