I came across this blogger who talks about things that freak her out that probably shouldn’t. Which was funny and I laughed. Then I realized I have plenty of things that freak me out… or make me wonder… or cringe, that shouldn’t. I figure I would put them here and you would like them! Hooray!

Unjustified Paranoia:

Eye loss due to garbage disposal – No, I am not worried about my fingers. I don’t put them down the sink, that would be stupid. But. When I run it, I can hear how chaotic it is down there. I can see all the stuff moving around super fast. What if part of it shoots out of the sink… and hits me in the eye? Seriously. I usually turn my head and squint my eyes. Just in case.

 Things in Dumpsters – I have lived in apartments for a while now. This means I take my trash out to a dumpster and chuck it in. What if there is a stray, angry, or rabid cat in there? Or a possum? Raccoon? Hobo. Any of those could leap out and eat my face.

Sheet Spiders – Generally, I am not afraid of spiders. I am not comfortable with spindly legged ones, mostly because I feel like they will chase me, but I don’t spend time thinking about spiders and I don’t shriek and run if I see one. But when I get in bed at night, I worry one is in my sheets and will bite my toes. Sometimes this fear sneaks into my oven mitts. Spiders in my oven mitts.

Well, as I come up with more I will post them here. If I have no more, then there will be no more. There are probably more. I just can’t think of them now.

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One Response to Yipe?

  1. Syl says:

    LOL! I’m totally freaked out by mice! Can’t stand them!

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