January Noms

One of the goals I ended up keeping this month… and there weren’t a lot… was to cook at least three new recipes. I got in five! That is a definite win! Here they all are for you to look at and also create – if you would like. And you really should.

Winter time… chili! Yes! Saw this recipe for Pumpkin Chicken Chili and gave it a whirl. If you like warm winter soup things, do this. Also, do yourself a favor and just use a can of pumpkin. I also used turkey instead of chicken, but whatever you want is good. I think it is the spice blend that really does it, but it might be all the colors. Mmm…. you might also want to add hot sauce (or something else) if you want a bite from this, it’s really mild!

So many colors....

So many colors….

Cheese and a dollop of plain Greek yogurt? Yes!

Cheese and a dollop of plain Greek yogurt? Yes!

I had an Amy’s frozen Mattar Paneer for dinner one night. It was really good and it didn’t have a lot of weird things going on in it, so I looked for a recipe. I found this one. It was extremely good! I did have to go to an Indian grocer to get the paneer, but it was worth it. I paired it with curried chickpeas from cooking light magazine, but only a half serving since I did not need that much. It was pretty good, but I have another recipe for curried chickpeas that I like more. Both are good, though!

Indian food prepped by a German-Irish gal!

Indian food prepped by a German-Irish gal!

I was at a loss for something to eat on one of the Meatless Mondays this month and my friend, Dave, mentioned his speciality. I added some extra veggies since I had them. It’s sauteed tomato, kale, onion, garlic, zucchini, and red cabbage… served with balsamic vinegar, soba noodles, and feta. Super tasty!

mmm - veggies

mmm – veggies

I also tried something totally different. I hate beets. They are nasty, but a friend of mine gave me a recipe (aimed at kids) for beet hummus. I figured that since it was for kids, the nasty beet taste would be masked. It was! Basically, it is just pulverized garbanzos, roasted beet, roasted garlic, parsley, and enough olive oil to make it the right consistency. Dash of salt and pepper and a little apple cider. Super duper good! Yes, I do realize that it looks like raw meat, a la pink slime, or playdoh. Seriously, though, it was really good with veggies!

mmm - pink gook!

mmm – pink gook!


Happy nomming all you nommers! Here’s to a successful February on the recipe front, too!! Yey!

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