February: Year 2013, take two! Also, take one wrap up!

So I had some January goals. I chipped at them, but did not manage to kill them all. I shall carry some over to February. The others I will put about.


  1. Cook 3 new recipes – I ended up getting in five recipes! Not too shabby! Here is a link to my food summary in case you are interested in checking them out.
  2. Read 3 books –I ended up reading only one, In the Shadow of the Banyan, which was really good. It was still only one. Ooops…
  3. Finish 4 weeks of C25K –This is the real kicker. I had five weeks to do this, but I hit a snag. Laziness hit and the mornings got cold… I got three weeks done. Only one week short. Boo. 
  4. Track my foods – I didn’t do to bad. I tracked almost everyday, even on days when I ate all the foodz. Sadly, I had more bad days than good. Again with the boo and the oops.
  5. Hang shelves, cork board, and clear out the Christmas cards –Woot! Did it!
  6. Run 1 complete mile outside –It was cold and I was lazy. 
  7. Go out – I went out with the girls, which was fun. Failed at boy, but not my fault. Connected with an OKC boy, or thought I did, texted with him for two weeks, then on the day we were supposed to meet, I never heard anything. Pretty sure it is because I did not send him a pic of my panties. Perv. Definitely his loss… and so much for the “hanging up my douchbaggery” that was on his profile. Sheesh!
  8. Do the Meatless Monday thing – I was sick on one Monday and did not go to work. I forgot it was Monday. I got all the others though! Hooray!
  9. No random purchases –could have been worse. I went to Kohl’s to get a watch and a pair of stud earrings. Ended up with a few other pieces of jewelry. At least it was a pretty mistake! 

So that was January. I think it was a little more fail than succeed, but it was definitely not a total loss. I think I am going to pull some of these over to February:

  1. Cook at least three new recipes – still sticking with the yearly goals here!
  2. Ixnay on the take-out – Bad habit redeveloping. Because it is easy when the food comes to you… even if it isn’t as delicious or nutritious
  3. Read at least 7 books – sounds like a lofty goal, but I already read The Caster Chronicles (well, I am on the fourth book, but it won’t last long… there will probably be a post on this)
  4. Get to Week 6 of C25k – Gonna have to get in some re-runs of week three and it is a short month (that I already lost a week of…)
  5. Go out – Again, once for fun and once with a boy. One day… oh, one day.
  6. Get my hair trimmed – it has been far too long and I need to get this done!
  7. Get in a blog a week – slacker been slacking, yo
  8. Run a mile – gonna make it easier, inside or out… either works. Now no cold weather excuse!
  9. Find a Zumba – I miss it, it’s fun!

Aaaaaand – 2013: TAKE TWO!


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One Response to February: Year 2013, take two! Also, take one wrap up!

  1. Whine Less says:

    Great goals! Good luck with them. I love the C25K program!

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