Beautiful Reading

Lately, this has been playing on TV a lot and it piqued my interest:

It interested me enough that I decided to hit up the books.

The first two were really good, the third one wasn’t bad, but the last one was a severe let down.


I am not going to summarize it, you can either read the book or wiki it. I liked this story. I liked how it developed and how it sucked me into their world. I enjoyed how well the spirit of the small southern town, full of southern pride was depicted. Very believable and pretty accurate. I was also a fan of all the characters. The stupid cheerleaders who headed up the town, the matrons running things from the back – or front if need be, the other guys that were friends with Ethan before he met Lena – they all just fleshed out the story and the town. I was a huge fan of Ridley (through out the entire series) and Amma. They were probably my favorites, followed up by the sisters. They just added so much. Ridley was that sympathetic bad-guy that you just couldn’t help but like and hope that she would see the light, despite her nature.

I was not a huge fan of the whole love story through ancestors and time thing, but it was only majorly featured in the first story. It had links in the other ones, but wasn’t super prominent. The whole love being the center of the curse thing, I could see, but I just wish it wasn’t tied into the main characters the way it was. Seemed a little cheesy to me.

The back and forth between light and dark with Lena was central to the first two books. I enjoyed the struggle. I liked the twist of everyone on the opposite side of her choice dying and how it was actually something that would matter. It seemed like it should have been easy, that she should have chosen light and allowed all the dark in her family to die, but that would include Ridley and her Uncle Macon. Ugh! How can such an easy choice be so hard! Well played, book, well played. Then her whole struggle after she isn’t claimed. The running away and trying to find herself fit very well. I mean, she’s only 16. It’s not surprising that she blamed herself for a lot and then tried to flee. That she leaned on the wrong people. Totally believable.

The third book was where I started to lose it, but I thought it would have been a good end point. By this time, Lena was both light and dark, since that was the way it went, which I liked because it was something unexpected. You just figured she’d go light. Then the order is all broken and “the one that is two” has to make things right. Lena is one that is two… so is John… and Link… and Ethan. Someone has to fix everything according to their English teacher, who just happens to be some demon-god thing. I did not like the seemingly random addition of supernatural to the teacher, since the teacher had been a minor-background character the whole time. I did like the whole Far Keeper thing and the judgement of Marian for not sticking to her duties correctly, but I think it may have been dumped in just to set up the fourth book. In the end, it was Ethan. Kinda saw it coming about mid way, especially after Amma freaked out and was trying to change the future.

Now when Ethan plunged of the water tower and saved the world, I thought that would be a good end to a series. Sad? Yes. Still, good. Not everything should end all happy-happy. The fourth book picks up with Ethan all being dead and hanging out with his mom. I liked the set-up of the purgatory they were in, that their houses from life were on their family plots in the cemetery, but that was about it. It was super questy – Ethan had to figure out how to get things from Lena for each part of his trip on how to right the wrong that had killed him. There was even a mini-boss fight featuring Saraphine. Then the boss fight with the big evil keeper guy. Which he won by tricking the guy into acting like he wasn’t mortal… when he was. A little anti-climactic. Oh, and the whole ancestor thing came back, too. In the end, Ethan did his quest and came back to the love of his life, Lena. Then you find out that the only reason he could do it was because of Amma’s deal with the evil VooDoo man. Amma gets spirited away to keep balance in the universe when Ethan comes back. It is never explained why she had to do that since Ethan succeeded on his quest. It was just randomly thrown in there at the end.

So in all, I enjoyed the story until the end. Seemed like it kinda lost it’s awesomeness and started just winding along. Still glad I read it, though! I mean, especially since I read all three books in about a week… and each one was right 300-400 pages.

Oh, and I am totally seeing the movie. Even though the previews (both for the plot and for the casting) are making me angry. Hopefully, it isn’t all that bad.

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