Lent: The withdrawals are killing me…

I am not Catholic. I do Lent, though. I think it is a good exercise to develop character. It also tends to break some of my habits. Which is good. Shakes things up a bit.

Last year I gave up make-up and coffee. Luckily, I was not addicted to either. And I managed to get through unscathed. And now I don’t wear as much makeup and I sometimes skip coffee for tea or no morning beverage.

This year, I am giving up two things: facebook and cheese.

The cheese has been not so good lately. Had some pizza when my Uncle and his crew were in town since that is the easiest thing to do with them and I did not want to be difficult. But now, it’s on!

Facebook. Oh my beloved facebook. I am extremely active on Facebook. Not being able to share pictures and articles… and to not be able to keep up with things? Totally driving me nuts. I deactivated my account, so it should be in a coma. When I reactivate it, all my things should still be there. I am not sure what is happening with things that are supposed to auto-post. I would imagine that they are just not posting since the account is down. If they are, I am sure someone will call me on it.

I want Easter to get here already.

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