Pictures? Oops.

So I was gonna be That Girl that posts pics of all the food she ate during the day… you know, since today was *dun dun DUUUUN* Day 1 of 10 days of for realzies food!

But I ate it all. So here is a picture of Jake instead:

Jake is not food.

Jake is not food.

I did really good with the for realzies food. Rundown? Sure!

Breakfast – Steal cut oats, blueberries, peanut butter, banana, and maple syrup. Nom!

Lunch – Frittata with cheese, zucchini, pepper, onion, smidge of potato, and local ham. Two breakfasts! Hooray!

Snack – Apple, Oloves in red pepper, snaps, and graw bar (snapz and graw are ‘from a bag’ but they had five or less ingredients and no added sugar!)

Dinner – sweet potato and yukon gold potato mashed together with yogurt/butter topped with cheese and sauteed onion and pepper (got a bit creative!)

And there ya have it! Probably better with pictures. Although in your mind, you can see the deliciousness, huh? But you can’t see it. RANDOM PIC:

Yeah, it's my spirit animal

Yeah, it’s my spirit animal

On top of the eating good stuff today, I was also able to get my booty out of bed in time to make it to spin class. This is amazing because I slept crappy… and I set my alarm to call out of work. Five minutes before it would have gone off, I went ahead and rolled out of bed and got some hustle in my bustle and made it in time for class. It was a new instructor. She tried to kill me.

I also got peanut butter flavored lip balm in my vegan cuts box today.

Today = wintastic fun time.

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