Taters and Tiramisu

I won again! And I went shopping! I got a bunch of veggies, but not too much since my CSA comes in on Thursday. I did make up some curried chickpeas for later. Planning is how you win. I want to win. RAWR and such.

Today I pretty much ate like I did yesterday with fewer snacks. Dinner was a twist on yesterday’s. Sweet taters and yukon golds mashed together with butter and yogurt… added in some sauteed bok choy, colby, and browned beef (local!). Turned out ugly… but tasty. Sometimes random combos turnout that way… ugly and tasty.

Looks pukey, tastes good!

Looks pukey, tastes good!

As I mentioned, tomorrow is our Italian pot luck. I signed up to make Tiramisu about three weeks ago. I really wanted to make it, so I did. I used pound cake instead of lady fingers and frangelico and kahlua instead of the liquid in this recipe… it was a guide.

Now I want to eat it, but it has stuff I am not supposed to eat this week. Sugar, cake, liquor… all delicious and off limits. I am planning on bringing a tupperware so I can bring some home and freeze it. Makes me sad. I want to eat it now. I won’t know if it is good… lame. Ah well. I will also bring food in case there isn’t anything I can eat, but I think there should be something.

Want. Want now.

Want. Want now.


I did not get any exercising in. Work was frantic and then I ran all over getting groceries. Then was cooking and cleaning in the kitchen. Ah well. Spinning tomorrow, dancy fun times Thursday!

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