Who doesn’t like a quickie?

It is late. I want to sleep.

Saw World War Z tonight. It was ok. Better than bad, but barely above ‘meh.’ Brad Pitt runs around being awesome and super lucky… the zombies are teeth clicking, raptor-sound makers that are hella fast and strong… I would have to say it is worth a watch, but not worth theater prices.

There ya have it.

Today was not as good for eating, but still not too bad. And despite the wafting of Italian goodness at lunch, I stuck to my yogurt parfait. Although I did have one toasted ravioli because a friend made them. A friend from St Louis, home of toasted ravioli’s, who was quite proud of how they came out. They came out super good. And I just had the one to try it. I snagged some of my tiramisu and froze it so I can eat it for dessert after 10 days. Everyone raved, I beamed. Feeding other people makes me almost as happy as eating!


I made it to spin and it was one of the regular ladies, but she kicked my butt. Christina said it was a tough class, too, so I feel better about that. Hardxxore, baby!

I then met my friend, Corwin, for dinner before WWZ. Eating out. Eek. I ate at Panera and had the chicken cobb salad. I did not have time to research before going, so I had no idea what I was getting into. Salad broke a couple rules – (1) Local meat. Pretty sure that chicken wasn’t from around here.. also the bacon. (2) Looking at the ingredients the dressing was less than clean. Couple random chems and sugar. Oh well.

Seriously, though? It was a good day!

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