CSA and Noodles: It’s a good day

Today was long. Like two days worth of long. Also, it felt like Friday. It was not. It was Thursday, but not only that — it was CSA DAY!

So much nature on my counter...

So much nature on my counter…

I got a ton this time around… broccoli crowns, white potatoes, cucumbers, yellow squash, zucchini, green beans, beets, candy onions, daikon radishes, basil, free-range eggs, and blackberries! Oh my! Although I am trying to get rid of my beets. I do not like beets. Blech.

I won at eating, again. Pretty much the same ol’ stuff, except for dinner. I sauteed up some onion (CSA), garlic, red bell pepper, yellow squash (CSA), zucchini (CSA), tomatoes, and English peas (CSA). Threw in some soba noodles and fancy lemon-balsamic vinegar, took it off the heat and put some feta and basil (CSA) in it. So good. I also had wine.

Tasty dinner and wine!

Tasty dinner and wine!

I love random mixtures. Although this one was prettier than my potato mixture. Heh.

I did not get to kazaxe today. I am a bit stiff from spin yesterday since my instructor tried to kill me. Also, it was rainy and I was tired and I had to get the CSA. I was going to go tomorrow, but there is no class after work, so Saturday it is!

And that was my day! How was yours? What do I do with Daikon Radishes? Are they Radishy? I do not like radishes.

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