10 Down: Now what?


On my tenth day of real foods, I continued the streak. Finished strong with frittata, baked beans, and salmon salad! Woo! The salmon salad was courtesy of Coastal Flats, one of my fave places to go. I went with Christina and we saw Despicable Me 2. It was really, really good. Super funny, super touching, awesome all around.

Tasty fishy and goat cheese... oh, and mojito

Tasty fishy and goat cheese… oh, and mojito

So since I was taking part in the 10 day challenge and it has been ten days, I am officially a winner. Overall, I liked doing the challenge. It wasn’t very hard, but I am handy in the kitchen. The hardest parts were eating out and avoiding sweets. I love sweets. I made tiramisu during this time and couldn’t eat it. Very, very sad Sarah. Although I did freeze a piece and eat it after… very happy Sarah. Mmm.

Things I liked:

  • It pushed me to eat more veggies
  • I felt happier
  • My skin looked better (at least to me)
  • Mentally, I liked that I was eating healthier
  • I felt less like a hypocrite since I ate the way I preach

Things I was meh on:

  • The rules said I could have beer and wine, but not liquor yet no reasoning behind that (so I drank liquor anyhow)
  • I had a hard time sleeping, but I sometimes get insomnia, so not sure if it was linked to this
  • Eating out was harder (not sure if this is a good or bad. HA!)
  • It is inconvenient if you are not in charge of food for an event and don’t want to appear rude

And there you have it. I was disappointed that I did not lose any weight on this. I even tracked calories and exorcised and was where I should’ve been to lose. I also thought that maybe because I was staying away from ‘crap’ I would have seen something. Nope. Lame. Ah well. Eternal battle still going. Boo.

So now what?

Good question.

I mentioned it is inconvenient and I have an event this week that will have food I will not be able to avoid easily. Not without looking like a total snobby bitch.

“I am choosing not to eat your food because it is inferior.” – Really no way to say that in a nice way. Heh.

I guess on Monday I will start again. And double it up, 20 days.


I can do it.

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