And Howdy Do to You!

I didn’t feel like writing, so I didn’t. Now I do, so I am! Hooray!

Things are good.

I have been socializing throughout the summer with Kayaking and Tubing with wine, went to my first tailgate, and going to some fun movies. Really enjoying it. Here are some pictures so you can see… also because while I wanted to update y’all, I had no interest in typing a book out…

Played hookie from work to Kayaking. Totally worth it.

Played hookie from work to Kayaking. Totally worth it.

Metro ride after a friend's party... got to meet some local color on the train.

Metro ride after a friend’s party… got to meet some local color on the train.

Cut all the hairs

Cut all the hairs

Bag o' Jake

Bag o’ Jake

Pretty sure he wasn't here for the suet and seeds...

Pretty sure he wasn’t here for the suet and seeds…

Tailgate funtimes!

Tailgate funtimes!

Pretty sure the fall is going to be as fun as the summer! Probably also as busy! I have several things queued up and ready to go and I am sure there will be more! Maybe I’ll remember to take more pics and write them up. I also might not!

Hooray for unpredictable and unreliable blogging!

As far as the eating and moving portion.

Eating: I have been just trying to cut junk out and to do the whole PFC thing for the most part. That just means you have Protein, Fat, and Carbs at all meals and snacks. Woot! It actually is quite satisfying and makes me feel good… when I stick to it. Heh. I Have been pretty good at it, though. Just not super good. Have to work on the super part.

Moving: I injured my toe. Like enough to have to go to the doc about it. Stupid toe. Diagnosed with casulitis, which is the swelling of the soft tissue around the joint. Lame. Literally. It is just now getting better, but I haven’t been doing a lot of cardio because I am not sure what hurt it to begin with. I have been gradually adding more, and I seem to be doing alright with it.

I have been going to Kazaxe pretty regularly this month and have been trying to get back into running. I have lost A LOT of running ability and it is super demoralizing, but I guess I have to start somewhere. On the other hand, I am getting better at Kazaxe! Shaking my groove thing all over. Woot!

Because of my inability to cardio, I have actually been doing the New Rules of Lifting for Women fairly regularly. As in, I am way further into it than I have ever been before and I might even make it out of phase one and into phase two! I know! I am an animal. HA! While I haven’t noticed a significant weight/size difference, I am noticing more muscles and I know I have been getting stronger. I just need to get some more cardio going and to concentrate more on the eating.

I got this. Probably.

So there you have it.

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