Paleo or Something or Other

I am usually pretty skeptical of diets that pop up and sound a bit fadtastic. I am, however, interested in food science and eating healthier. I did the 10 Day Clean Eating Real Food Challenge and I liked doing that. It made sense, don’t eat crap because it is icky for you. I can buy that.

I had been following Dietician Cassie on twitter/fb/the interwebz and she is a high proponent of PFC or protein/fat/carbs for all meals. High quality protein and carbs along with some fats. That makes sense to me, as well.

Looking into the whole PFC and anti-processed/chemical foods led me to the whole paleo thing. You can read that. I am not going to rehash the details. Read the link for info. Now I know they are all anti-grain and anti-legumes, which I am not so sure I buy completely into. After a bit of googling, I found a ton on both sides of that argument. The anti-dairy part, too, seemed a bit hard to buy and, again, there was a lot of debate on the interwebz.

I did like this article. It was a good story, but I had a few questions. Like could the obesity thing be linked to an increase in processed foods and chems? Are we sure it is the high-carb or is it the high crappy-carb? It also lead me to research the study mentioned near the end that, at the time of the article, still had not taken place. This was a two year study, not a five year, but the conclusion was different:

“Our study has 2 main findings. First, neither dietary fat nor carbohydrate intake influenced weight loss when combined with a comprehensive lifestyle intervention. Second, because both diet groups achieved nearly identical weight loss, we were able to determine that a low-carbohydrate diet has greater beneficial long-term effects on HDL cholesterol concentrations than a low-fat diet.”

So I thought that was interesting. They said that the low carb diet consisted of low-glycemic carbs sources and that they were added back in over time.

The problem with nutrition science is that there is always something to support and refute things.

Maybe I shouldn’t research so much. Blargh.

But I am looking to lose a few pounds… or more… I have been pretty good at the exercising, lifting 2-3 times a week and kazaxe. The diet is what I have to work on… and I hate that.

So, the plan is to eat clean. Also, to aim for PFC for meals and snacks. I am also gonna lean on the Paleo in the sense of some limits on grains and on dairy. We’ll see what happens.

And this could lead to more food porn on the blog. Everyone likes food porn!

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