Possibly Back

Sometimes I don’t post for a while. Does this mean I will start posting more now that I have re-appeared? Maybe. That’s all I can say about that.

My social life has been thriving and I have been able to go out and do things with a lot of people. Lots of fun! Also, with that and the holidays, lots of delicious noms and drinks. I put on a little more Sarah over that time, but was able to get back to where I had been, so net zero. Better than a gain, so I’ll take it!

I have been running a tad bit lately. I got into The Cherry Blossom Run, the 5k and not the ten miler, and I need to be able to run at least some of it. It isn’t until April, so I have time. Hopefully, the “soft tissue damage” in my toe-ball will be able to take it and my laziness won’t prevent me from getting the time in to build up my ability.

I am actually a bit surprised at how well I can truck along given all the non-moving time I have allowed to lapse. I was able to chunk along for 3 mins/2 mins/5 mins/2.5 mins as my run/walk intervals for two cycles.

That is neither here nor there, though, if I don’t exercise that dreaded consistency thing.

I have also been attempting to eat better and have been leaning more on the paleo eating by attempting to eat more plants, protein, and fats. Although I flat out refuse to get rid of dairy. Dairy has cheese. Cheese is delicious. I will admit that it is a slippery slope… if I mess up a bit, it is way too easy to just keep on nomming sweets or bread or processed things n’ stuffs.

For January, I tried to eat in and to make all my meals in an attempt to have more control over what I ingest. I did pretty well, thus far, only three times out and they were planned outings, not “Make dinner? More like call the food to come to me!” so I don’t feel as failed.

That is all I have for now. Just some general info. Maybe I will write more later… as in a sooner-later.

We’ll see!

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