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Jalapeño Lemonade

Right before Lent hit me in the face, I went to The 13th Annual Luau hosted by LeeAnn and Heather. I decided that Jalapeño Lemonade should be on the menu. There are several recipes floating around the interwebz, one of which … Continue reading

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Where be my Z’s? (And some other stuff, too)

I am still not sleeping. It has made me grumpy and lethargic. I want to know why. I have tried benedryl, melatonin, and exercise. Oh, and I only have one cup of coffee in the morn, other than that, I … Continue reading

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10 Down: Now what?

HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY!! On my tenth day of real foods, I continued the streak. Finished strong with frittata, baked beans, and salmon salad! Woo! The salmon salad was courtesy of Coastal Flats, one of my fave places to go. … Continue reading

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Who doesn’t like a quickie?

It is late. I want to sleep. Saw World War Z tonight. It was ok. Better than bad, but barely above ‘meh.’ Brad Pitt runs around being awesome and super lucky… the zombies are teeth clicking, raptor-sound makers that are … Continue reading

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February: Year 2013, take two! Also, take one wrap up!

So I had some January goals. I chipped at them, but did not manage to kill them all. I shall carry some over to February. The others I will put about. January: Cook 3 new recipes – I ended up … Continue reading

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Weekly Wrap-Up – Lacking Workout

So this week I got nothing in. Apparently, last weekend when I was feeling lethargic, it could have been because I was getting a cold. This week, I spent Monday through Thursday hiding on my couch under an afghan. I … Continue reading

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Pseudo-Crushes, Celebs, and Me

Little ‘tween and teen girls always seem to have an crush on some celeb. Right now, it seems that Justin Bieber is all the rage. Previous guys have included Justin Timberlake, Ben Afleck, and some curly haired skater guy whose … Continue reading

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