10 Down: Now what?


On my tenth day of real foods, I continued the streak. Finished strong with frittata, baked beans, and salmon salad! Woo! The salmon salad was courtesy of Coastal Flats, one of my fave places to go. I went with Christina and we saw Despicable Me 2. It was really, really good. Super funny, super touching, awesome all around.

Tasty fishy and goat cheese... oh, and mojito

Tasty fishy and goat cheese… oh, and mojito

So since I was taking part in the 10 day challenge and it has been ten days, I am officially a winner. Overall, I liked doing the challenge. It wasn’t very hard, but I am handy in the kitchen. The hardest parts were eating out and avoiding sweets. I love sweets. I made tiramisu during this time and couldn’t eat it. Very, very sad Sarah. Although I did freeze a piece and eat it after… very happy Sarah. Mmm.

Things I liked:

  • It pushed me to eat more veggies
  • I felt happier
  • My skin looked better (at least to me)
  • Mentally, I liked that I was eating healthier
  • I felt less like a hypocrite since I ate the way I preach

Things I was meh on:

  • The rules said I could have beer and wine, but not liquor yet no reasoning behind that (so I drank liquor anyhow)
  • I had a hard time sleeping, but I sometimes get insomnia, so not sure if it was linked to this
  • Eating out was harder (not sure if this is a good or bad. HA!)
  • It is inconvenient if you are not in charge of food for an event and don’t want to appear rude

And there you have it. I was disappointed that I did not lose any weight on this. I even tracked calories and exorcised and was where I should’ve been to lose. I also thought that maybe because I was staying away from ‘crap’ I would have seen something. Nope. Lame. Ah well. Eternal battle still going. Boo.

So now what?

Good question.

I mentioned it is inconvenient and I have an event this week that will have food I will not be able to avoid easily. Not without looking like a total snobby bitch.

“I am choosing not to eat your food because it is inferior.” – Really no way to say that in a nice way. Heh.

I guess on Monday I will start again. And double it up, 20 days.


I can do it.

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Crocking, Spinning, and Possibly Lifting!

It rained again today. I hate the rain.


And the mean weather people said tomorrow will be the same. LAME. But I will be getting out of work early… and going out with Christina… possibly seeing Despicable Me 2. That might make the rain better.


Today was one of those days. I didn’t sleep all that hot and then for whatever reason ran out of time this morning. I also dropped pretty much everything and sloshed things around when I was prepping dinner and work food. Boo.

On today’s list to nom was steel cut oats, yogurt parfait, curried chickpeas with veggies, and an apple. Then I got to apple nomming time at work. No apple. SAD DAY! I have an apple every work day (unless I have some other delicious fruit). Made me grumbly.

I went for a walk with my friend, Dave. It was a nice break from the daily grind. I also made it to spin class today. I was tired and not feeling it, but since Kerry was going, I decided to suck it up and to do it. Afterwards, I was thinking of that one motivational pic…

yeah, that one. As some of you may know, I have little to no willpower and have several times skipped a workout and been sad about it later. I think of this quote…. which usually doesn’t help. HA! But yeah, today I could think of this quote because I did not skip. Woot. It’s the little things, right?

When I got home, my house smelled delicious. When I mentioned getting dinner together, I mean that I put beans and things in a crock pot a la this recipe from 100 Days of Real Food. It came out really good. It did make about 12 servings, though, so not for people who are not in love with baked beans. Couple changes: I diced the onion and left it in and I forgot to buy bacon or ham… so I threw in some ground turkey. It worked!

So much beans

So much beans

I slopped this on top of a baked jewel sweet potato… or maybe Asian. I can’t remember, I bought both. It wasn’t bad! The sweet potato and the sweet beans were a bit much, but it worked. I think I will skip out on that kind of potato next time. Maybe a regular spud or even something else.

I swear there is a tater in there...

I swear there is a tater in there…

After dinner, I remembered to put my New Rules of Lifting for Women in my bag. One of the ladies at work is super into lifting and I was talking about it. I said she could borrow it and see what it had to say. All her talk of slinging iron makes me want to get back into it. I really should. The equipment I need is not available at my gym, so I thought maybe I would join the new 24 Hour Fitness that is opening in my area. I need to stop by and see them, but I keep forgetting. I do that.

Well, that was the adventures for the day! Now I am off to clean the kitchen and read more of World War Z. G’night all!

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Weekend Real Food and Kazaxe!

I had a fantastic weekend. But first,  a couple pictures of interest from my CSA!

Sometimes organic and fresh mean bugs...

Sometimes organic and fresh mean bugs…



So on Saturday, I met up with Christina and we went to Kazaxe. It is zumba leveled up… but this class was harder than I remembered from the last time I went. Christina agreed, so I felt better about it. Last time, I also tweaked my hip pretty bad, so I was going easy. Not doing as much jumpy-bouncy. Still got a great workout. And even though it is intense, it was still super fun! Afterwards, we went to Old Navy for their dollar flip-flop sale. Apparently the whole freakin’ town was there! Combine that with the single cashier and you had a line that wove its way through the ladies clothes, across the back of the store, and to the dressing area.

Not worth it.

Off we went to Genghis Grill, which is Mongolian style barbecue. For those who haven’t been, you fill a bowl with raw meat and veggies, add some seasoning, and sauce, then drop it off for them to cook up on a grill. It’s easy, fun, delicious, and you have control over what you get to eat. I had shrimp, scallops, and lots of veggies. And an egg.

Christina eating delicious food!

Christina eating delicious food!

Delicious and made to order!

Delicious and made to order!

I was then off to see Jared where I had beer and played with Rocky, the cute pooch! It was fun! I was supposed to pick up an SNES, but I forgot it. I have no Zelda now. Sad!

Sunday was mostly a rest day. I started watching Battle Star Galactica, which is quite good. I also got a lot of cleaning, filing, and straightening done. That was nice, too. My home needed a good straightening. For dinner, I made pan browned chicken thighs inspired by this recipe, but I threw some veggies on it before putting it in the oven. Served with curried chickpeas.

Skillet for the win!

Skillet for the win!

Din din!

Din din!

It was delicious! It also made for a good lunch today!

I got through the weekend and got a workout in! I also finished reading Insurgent by Victoria Roth and Christina loaned me World War Z. (Without the movie tie-in…) I started that while my car was getting an oil change. Pretty good, so far. Maybe I will write up a blurb on both of them. But I might not. I also got a Wild Birds Unlimited gift card and a cute stake light from my parents for my birthday! Hooray!!



Look at Penny being so good and staying inside!

Look at Penny being so good and staying inside!

So it was a great weekend and with the holiday on Thursday, it is a short week! Woo!


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CSA and Noodles: It’s a good day

Today was long. Like two days worth of long. Also, it felt like Friday. It was not. It was Thursday, but not only that — it was CSA DAY!

So much nature on my counter...

So much nature on my counter…

I got a ton this time around… broccoli crowns, white potatoes, cucumbers, yellow squash, zucchini, green beans, beets, candy onions, daikon radishes, basil, free-range eggs, and blackberries! Oh my! Although I am trying to get rid of my beets. I do not like beets. Blech.

I won at eating, again. Pretty much the same ol’ stuff, except for dinner. I sauteed up some onion (CSA), garlic, red bell pepper, yellow squash (CSA), zucchini (CSA), tomatoes, and English peas (CSA). Threw in some soba noodles and fancy lemon-balsamic vinegar, took it off the heat and put some feta and basil (CSA) in it. So good. I also had wine.

Tasty dinner and wine!

Tasty dinner and wine!

I love random mixtures. Although this one was prettier than my potato mixture. Heh.

I did not get to kazaxe today. I am a bit stiff from spin yesterday since my instructor tried to kill me. Also, it was rainy and I was tired and I had to get the CSA. I was going to go tomorrow, but there is no class after work, so Saturday it is!

And that was my day! How was yours? What do I do with Daikon Radishes? Are they Radishy? I do not like radishes.

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Who doesn’t like a quickie?

It is late. I want to sleep.

Saw World War Z tonight. It was ok. Better than bad, but barely above ‘meh.’ Brad Pitt runs around being awesome and super lucky… the zombies are teeth clicking, raptor-sound makers that are hella fast and strong… I would have to say it is worth a watch, but not worth theater prices.

There ya have it.

Today was not as good for eating, but still not too bad. And despite the wafting of Italian goodness at lunch, I stuck to my yogurt parfait. Although I did have one toasted ravioli because a friend made them. A friend from St Louis, home of toasted ravioli’s, who was quite proud of how they came out. They came out super good. And I just had the one to try it. I snagged some of my tiramisu and froze it so I can eat it for dessert after 10 days. Everyone raved, I beamed. Feeding other people makes me almost as happy as eating!


I made it to spin and it was one of the regular ladies, but she kicked my butt. Christina said it was a tough class, too, so I feel better about that. Hardxxore, baby!

I then met my friend, Corwin, for dinner before WWZ. Eating out. Eek. I ate at Panera and had the chicken cobb salad. I did not have time to research before going, so I had no idea what I was getting into. Salad broke a couple rules – (1) Local meat. Pretty sure that chicken wasn’t from around here.. also the bacon. (2) Looking at the ingredients the dressing was less than clean. Couple random chems and sugar. Oh well.

Seriously, though? It was a good day!

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Taters and Tiramisu

I won again! And I went shopping! I got a bunch of veggies, but not too much since my CSA comes in on Thursday. I did make up some curried chickpeas for later. Planning is how you win. I want to win. RAWR and such.

Today I pretty much ate like I did yesterday with fewer snacks. Dinner was a twist on yesterday’s. Sweet taters and yukon golds mashed together with butter and yogurt… added in some sauteed bok choy, colby, and browned beef (local!). Turned out ugly… but tasty. Sometimes random combos turnout that way… ugly and tasty.

Looks pukey, tastes good!

Looks pukey, tastes good!

As I mentioned, tomorrow is our Italian pot luck. I signed up to make Tiramisu about three weeks ago. I really wanted to make it, so I did. I used pound cake instead of lady fingers and frangelico and kahlua instead of the liquid in this recipe… it was a guide.

Now I want to eat it, but it has stuff I am not supposed to eat this week. Sugar, cake, liquor… all delicious and off limits. I am planning on bringing a tupperware so I can bring some home and freeze it. Makes me sad. I want to eat it now. I won’t know if it is good… lame. Ah well. I will also bring food in case there isn’t anything I can eat, but I think there should be something.

Want. Want now.

Want. Want now.


I did not get any exercising in. Work was frantic and then I ran all over getting groceries. Then was cooking and cleaning in the kitchen. Ah well. Spinning tomorrow, dancy fun times Thursday!

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Pictures? Oops.

So I was gonna be That Girl that posts pics of all the food she ate during the day… you know, since today was *dun dun DUUUUN* Day 1 of 10 days of for realzies food!

But I ate it all. So here is a picture of Jake instead:

Jake is not food.

Jake is not food.

I did really good with the for realzies food. Rundown? Sure!

Breakfast – Steal cut oats, blueberries, peanut butter, banana, and maple syrup. Nom!

Lunch – Frittata with cheese, zucchini, pepper, onion, smidge of potato, and local ham. Two breakfasts! Hooray!

Snack – Apple, Oloves in red pepper, snaps, and graw bar (snapz and graw are ‘from a bag’ but they had five or less ingredients and no added sugar!)

Dinner – sweet potato and yukon gold potato mashed together with yogurt/butter topped with cheese and sauteed onion and pepper (got a bit creative!)

And there ya have it! Probably better with pictures. Although in your mind, you can see the deliciousness, huh? But you can’t see it. RANDOM PIC:

Yeah, it's my spirit animal

Yeah, it’s my spirit animal

On top of the eating good stuff today, I was also able to get my booty out of bed in time to make it to spin class. This is amazing because I slept crappy… and I set my alarm to call out of work. Five minutes before it would have gone off, I went ahead and rolled out of bed and got some hustle in my bustle and made it in time for class. It was a new instructor. She tried to kill me.

I also got peanut butter flavored lip balm in my vegan cuts box today.

Today = wintastic fun time.

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